Education Policy

If America is to maintain its preeminence as a world leader, education must be a priority. The level of education of a nation’s citizenry impacts all other aspects of national life from economic prosperity to national security. It is imperative that creative changes in the nation’s educational system are implemented that make education accessible, affordable and first-rate.

-Gloria will work to restore a first class system of public education and training for our students from pre-kindergarten to college. The corridor of shame lies within the borders of District 7, and Gloria is committed to transforming it into the hallway of honor.

-Gloria is committed to restoring full and equitable funding of Title I by allocating funds based on the concentration of poverty and enforcing the “comparability provision” ensuring that state and local funds for schools are equitable before Title I funds are added to schools with high concentrations of low-income students.

-Restoring educational professionalism by placing highly qualified teachers in all public schools, paying them adequately, and creating a pipeline for future teachers. Adopting a comprehensive model of accountability with multiple indicators, which gives state and local governments more flexibility.

-Gloria will work toward making higher education accessible and affordable for all students by increasing Pell Grants, making students loans easier to pay off, investing in community and technical colleges, and assisting parent students with childcare costs. As a community we need to reverse the trend of the alarming numbers of young Americans who are dropping out and underachieving. 

Gloria will seek to lead in attracting new industries to our district, well-trained workers will be a key element in the formula for success in this effort. First rate, accessible and affordable public schools, colleges and universities, community colleges and an array of technical training opportunities are necessary for the training of workers and well-trained workers are the keystone to effective competition in the global marketplace.